Aly Gosser

I’m just a mid 20 tryin’ to make it in the big city of Toronto.

I reflect back to my university years when life was the fucking best and I wanted to be 19 forever. I finally stopped going through puberty, found a solid group of friends, didn’t own anything substantial, didn’t have too much responsibility, and I had a sense of purpose as a poor-fun-loving university student.

A natural extrovert, I remember thinking to myself following graduation, “the world is my oyster!” So I packed my bags and headed to the big city of Toronto for some change and excitement. However, over my three years here, I quickly learned that the structure I had taken for granted during my youth was stripped away. I was faced head on with the uncertainty of adulthood.

I discovered that youth unemployment is at an all time high, and that I actually wasn’t passionate about what I spent four years studying in my undergrad, and nor did I possess marketable skills in my field of study. For me, a job isn’t just about paying the bills anymore, but also about finding a meaningful way to contribute to society. Intimate relationships aren’t just about having fun, but finding ‘the one.’ Being financially stable means supporting my social lifestyle– but apparently is also about savings for retirement, equity and probably other shit that I don’t know about. The idea of taking risks is a little scarier every year that I get older because of my university debt. But I’m a risk taker at heart, so I continue to want to find a way to make it work.

The sudden pressure to declare to the world who I am, what I want to be, and how I want to leave my mark is daunting. My problem is, I didn’t take a whole lot of time to discover those things about myself.

Through my conversations with my friends, family, and complete strangers, I’m learning that a quarter life crisis is a thing, and can manifest in many ways. And let me be clear people, 30 is not the new 20! Just like me, there are a ton of 20 something’s out there trying to re-identify themselves as adults. There is comfort in knowing you’re not alone and that our 20's does not have to be wasted time.

A lover and believer of people and passionate conversationalist, I am on a quest to collect stories (in various creative forms) to bring the mid 20’s together. I hope that my blog will act as a forum for empowerment, laughter, inspiration and comfort for all those mid 20’s out there who feel alone in