Aly King-Smith

Executive Coach in Northampton, United Kingdom

Aly King-Smith

Executive Coach in Northampton, United Kingdom

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I set up The Bird Table Group to help more coaches help more women in business more quickly.

I was inspired to set up The Bird Table during my coach training as we investigated the human need to belong, and the word 'tribes' spun round in my head. The Bird Table is a warm, supportive and challenging tribe for coaches who work especially with women..creating further small tribes for women who run small businesses.

We are a fast growing start up, and are all qualified coaches running development groups for women: groups in SME, groups for Mums going back to work and groups especially for women in Tech.

If Tech is the future, it is deeply problematic to me that women are not in the big jobs. The numbers aren't good enough and women are leaving their jobs. The Bird Table is now bringing skills and behaviour development especially for Women in Tech. Keeping great women in Tech.

There are already 20 of us, across the UK and into Europe. We have CPD meetings, peer coaching, Skype meetings and a real world meetings too.

It's warm as toast with an incredible atmosphere of generosity and sharing, and we're all bonded by a shared passion for helping women fulfil their potential.

Between us there's decades of experience from MBTI to NLP, from EQi to Boardroom Facilitation. It's all very collaborative and teamy. Some coaches are newbies, others mighty established.

If you match our values:

Integrity, Authenticity, Collaboration, Support, Challenge, Growth

and you're dead keen to help women develop, please please investigate! is the website or DM me here.

We'd love to help more coaches support more women.