Alysa Nair

Advertising Senior Account Executive in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Let's keep things short and sweet, shall we?

The Cold And The Goal.

I can't sit still. The thrill of working on a project that challenges my skill set with every step is almost...addictive?

In time, I hope to engage in enough of these said addictively professional projects and become well-rounded Account Planner in the world of brands.

The Warm And The Sweet.

Let's just say I enjoy all things 'food'- buying it, making it, watching it (on television/online platforms - I'm not that weird now!) and eating it.

With a deep love for baked goods, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and all sugary things, my dream is to one day open my very own cafe.

The Hope And The Method.

If I come across as the kind of person you'd like to connect with, by all means, please e-mail me on or connect with me on LinkedIn ( I'd be more than glad to assist on any pet-project you may have or simply talk food!

  • Education
    • Manipal University, Dubai, UAE