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Alyscia Cunningham

Entrepreneur, Author, and Filmmaker in Washington, DC

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Alyscia Cunningham was born at Fort Pierce Army Hospital in Tacoma, Washington on March 17, 1979. Her father served in the military for several years. Within that period of time Alyscia and her family moved from state to state as well as overseas.

At the age of 25 Alyscia’s mother suffered a stroke and the family moved from Germany to Corona, Queens, NY, which is where her maternal grandparents lived. She and her two older brothers were first generation American born, her parents being from the island of Trinidad & Tobago. Growing up in a culturally diverse community Alyscia has always appreciated different cultural backgrounds and most of her friends, throughout childhood and adulthood were also first generation American born.

One of the biggest attributes Alyscia says she has gained from her mother is her determination. “I cannot recall a day that my mother ever used her stroke as an excuse. Paralysis on the left side of her mother’s body did not stop her from doing anything on her own, from driving, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes to disciplining me and my brothers. My mother is a strong woman.” Alyscia said this determined characteristic was instilled in her at a very young age because of her mother’s example.

Alyscia is the owner of Uprising Builders, LLC, an author, filmmaker and an accomplished photographer who has contributed to such outlets as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, America Online and the Smithsonian Institution. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Soul Pancake, Women, Action, & the Media, Proud 2B Me along with other platforms.

In September 2013 Alyscia published her first book, Feminine Transitions: A Photographic Celebration of Natural beauty. She is currently working on her second book and documentary titled, I Am More Than My Hair. It includes stories of girls and women who've experienced hair loss (alopecia) and redefines female baldness. Both projects are art created by Cunningham for social-good.

Alyscia specializes in promoting our natural beauty and because she believes the media does a good job of focusing on our insecurities and the bombardment of ads in the media proclaiming that their appearance without enhancements is inadequate or faulty. Her portraits are unaltered by Photoshop and reveal women as they are naturally, without the façade they put on for others.

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