Alyse Nevil

Alyse Nevil has worked for several years as a freelance grantwriter, a preparer for nonprofit incorporation and tax-exemption filings, and a consultant and volunteer for various local nonprofit organizations. She brings several years of experience in fundraising and nonprofit management to the table.

Alyse grew up in a small rural town in Northeast Ohio as the second oldest of a large family. She was raised with a strong value system and a deep sense of the importance of community involvement. She has volunteered with various nonprofit organizations since she was a young girl and after graduating from high school, she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector. Alyse attended Cleveland State University as a member of the CSU Honors Program and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Nonprofit Administration from the Levin College of Urban Affairs. After completing her undergraduate degree, she continued on at CSU and earned her Master’s degree in Nonprofit Administration and Leadership in 2011. While attending CSU, Alyse also pursued several other certifications, including English as a Second Language, Biomedical Ethics, Spiritual Caregiving, Migrant and Refugee Services, Vineyard Leadership Institute – Church Leadership, and Virtus (protecting children from sexual abuse).

Each of these degrees and certifications has equipped Alyse with unique tools that enable her to work at making a difference in her community and the world. Over the past several years, she has served as an ESL teacher in Cleveland’s Chinatown, as a bilingual tutor for at-risk youth in Lake County, OH, and as a student life coordinator, discussion leader, and administrative assistant for an international organization based in Lake County, OH.

In her spare time, you can usually find Alyse chasing her two boys around, reading, playing volleyball, or relaxing with her family and friends. She loves to laugh and is always excited to see the new beauty, opportunities, relationships, and surprises that life brings along.