Alysha Haggerton

Financial Analyst in Austin, Texas

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I'm in Finance: currently in a Corporate Finance role in a F100 Healthcare Insurance company. Have worked as an individual consultant for startups, as well as part of a team with sell-side Private Equity for more mature ventures while preparing for funding and shopping for investors.

I'm a learner: studied architecture and construction; extensive background in graphic design; currently learning code after I dreamt up a project I'm wildly excited to build, and the motivation drives me to sleepless nights.

I dig eating: from trucks, greasy diners, scientific instruments, high end kitchens, and my own kitchen, - basically all of it.

I like adult beverages: especially involving gin & mezcal.

I'm into music: carrying earplugs in my purse for easy access is a necessity during live shows be they down the street or across the country.

I solve my own problems: from making my own skincare, to tailoring clothes, to repairing my car, building furniture, and building community.

I'm sometimes embarrassed: by how much time I've probably spent waiting for .GIFs to load on my phone; by how languid my training is between my monthly 5k runs; by how many pairs of "back-up shoes" I own to replace my favorite footwear when they wear out, by how many times I've eaten donuts for dinner.

I volunteer: with small business owners ( ; with kids in the community; with public policy activists - more specifically I'm a charter board member of Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (