alysia gimblett

I currently work for a company called Crystals and for me it is the closest you can get to a perfect job (only second to owning my own business) The shop sells beautiful jewellery, crystals, fossils and minerals. Every day I am lucky to work with one of my greatest passions..I am surrounded by unique, bizzare, eccentric and utterly delightful people and have made some of my life long friends through this job.

I approach my life with a spiritual understanding and an open heart but my head is screwed on, you have to be that way in my job. I have learnt the most amazing lessons in the last few years, and as a result I am avid about approaching your life with passion, honesty, enthusiasm and with a positive outlook. I feel sometimes like I'm a living episode of "My name is Earl"!!

In the last year, my life has taken an entirely new path when I woke up one morning after a particularly vivid dream that I should make herbal tea. Within the next few months my business "Happy Hippy Teas" will launch and I am so proud of myself and my achievements. I had a dream.. and made it possible with very little experience or money.

I can not wait to see what life is going to present me with next!!!