Alyssa Green

Student in Little Current, Ontario, Canada

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Hi, I’m Alyssa. I’m a student at Manitoulin Secondary School. Post secondary, I plan on going to university in hopes to one day become a sports psychologist or athletic trainer. As someone who loves sports, is always moving and likes to lead by example I feel as though I will excel in either of these fields.

Outside of academics, I pride myself in being a friendly and caring individual, although I am quiet. I prefer to speak through my actions. I love to learn through traveling. Sports are where I can express all my emotions. I've played soccer my entire life and there's nothing that releases stress or anger as well as kicking a soccer ball. But I also love the peace and relaxation of surfing in the ocean or snowboarding in the mountains.

Through traveling, sports and my everyday life I've met amazing people. My mom runs a home daycare that I often help at and being around kids has helped add joy to my life and teach me responsibility. Through soccer I met my best friend Tori and even my favourite players: Canadian women's national team players Stephanie Labbe and Kaylyn Kyle.

All of the experiences and people throughout my life have shaped me into who I am now and who I will grow to be.