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Alyssa Nicole Hamilton

I show pigs for Jones 4-H. My favorite colors are Lime Green, and Hot Pink. I have 7 People in my family. I have a Dad, a Mom, a Grandma, and 3 Brothers. I am the only sister in the family. My three brothers are Logan he is 8 years old, Taylor he is 17 years old, and the last brother is Dylan and he is 14 years old. I have 2 Dogs, and 2 Cats. The Dogs are Bella Ann she is a Saint Bernard, and Scooter Riley and he is a Shi Tzu. My 2 Cats are Charlie and Tiger and they are Tabby Cats. My Favorite Hobbies are Showing Pigs, Swimming, Drawing, Coloring, and Cooking. In January, I am getting a job at a Daycare. I really love taking care of kids, and Playing with kids, and Teaching the kids. I always take care of my 8 year old brother all the time and I always enjoy it very much. I have been to Choctaw since I was in 5th Grade. I love my Handwritting. I have a pig named Meg. She is a Bershire Pig!!!!!

  • Work
    • At a Daycare in January!!!!!!
  • Education
    • Choctaw High School