Alyssa Macaluso

My name is Alyssa Macaluso, and I'm a pretty complex person.

Let's start with my aspirations and interests. I mostly love to draw digitally. I also love to sing and play acoustic guitar. I aspire to become a game designer and am going to college for it in a few years.

Drawing has helped me through dark areas of my life. In eighth grade I went through a traumatic time and I used art to help me get through. I struggle with depression and anxiety; and although medication helps, art is my main go-to release.

As for home life, my parents divorced when I was six; but I feel its better off that way. I live with my mom and I see my dad semi-regularly. Even though my family isn't close to upper class; I feel loved and cared for all the time. I respect my mom greatly for being a single mother and continuing to provide for me.

I am a high school sophomore. I do fairly well in school. I get mostly As and little Bs, in mostly regular classes; but I do take a few honors courses. Most people tell me I'm very "smart", but I think being smart isn't measured on how well you do in school. I believe its based on your view of the world and your ability to express it.

I have a pretty good amount of friends. I have been with my boyfriend for around a year, and have been friends with my best friends since around sixth grade. I feel established in myself as a person right now.

I have three pets, two cats and a dog. Finn and Addie are the cats and Niko is the dog. I love them all dearly.