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Alyssa K. Sittig

Alyssa K. Sittig

I'm a born and raised Southern Californian who found her way up to the Bay Area to study French and politics at UC Berkeley. I've lived in beautiful San Francisco ever since.

While living abroad in Paris during college, I learned a few things that have stayed with me: the importance of surprising yourself and the joy that comes with finding beauty in the little things.

Everyone needs an outlet outside of work. Some people run, read, travel; I create. Whether it's refurbishing an old piece of furniture, re-decorating or exploring local flea markets, I'm happiest when I'm getting my hands dirty and refining a style that's all my own. John Mayer and Isabel the Yorkie (@monsterrier) also make me very happy.

I hope this blog helps you find your creative voice and pursue whatever makes your soul soar.