Alyssa Rebelo

Student in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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HI, my name is Alyssa Rebelo and I am a student currently living in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. I am fifteen years old, I am in grade nine and I attend St. Jean de Brebeuf. I have many interests and hobbies but the following are where they range from. I enjoy sports like basketball to helping others and volunteering. I am also interested in cooking, education, and travel. I am a hard worker, kind, loving and I always help and put others before me. I also have many goals that will help me in my future and that will help me in my career path. Here are some of my many goals. continue getting good grades, continue volunteering and helping the poor/the sick/the elderly/and others, getting a part time job that will give good pay for what I do to help pay for university and other material, graduating with honours, going to university for a job I love, having a loving and healthy family, continue following in my faith and in Jesus’ footsteps. When setting goals for myself, I push myself harder and have greater confidence and faith in myself. In order to do good and learn from your mistakes, you have to accept and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Some of my strengths include that I am a great listener, work well with others and ask questions. Some of my weaknesses is that I can get distracted. As I am only fifteen, I have thought of future careers, and the ones that I am interested in are becoming a teacher and becoming a nurse, both these occupations deal with others and teaching/helping others. So far I have worked for delivering flyers and this summer I am applying to work at stores, by getting a job now will help me save money for the future and to get into University. To conclude, that is a little bit about me and what my interests are, in our day to day lives we also have to always remember that God is with us and will help us in times of struggle.

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