Alyssa Roensch

Howdy! My name is Alyssa Roensch. I'm a senior economics and sociology major from Channahon, Illinois, but most importantly, I'm the loudest and proudest member of the fighting Texas Aggie class of 2012. Whoop!

To start off with, I love Texas A&M and everything it stands for. I was born in Odessa, Texas, but my family moved all over the country and I never had a specific town I called home. However, attending A&M changed all of that, and for the past four years, I've called College Station home. My sorority sisters and friends are just another reason why I hold College Station so dear to my heart. I am a member of the First and Finest sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and I absolutely love it.

A few random things about me: purple is my favorite color, music makes me happy and it's not uncommon to see my dancing around like a maniac at unusual times, I am super competitive, I love talking but sometimes I'm shy, I'm a perfectionist, I want to learn sign language, I play the violin, integrity is extremely important to me, thirteen is my favorite number, I'm really gullible, I'm creative, I love to paint, my favorite food is blueberries, I'm afraid of the dark, I love to country western dance, laughter is my best medicine, I enjoy math, I'm really patient, I want to be a foster parent, baseball is my favorite sport, I'm extremely loyal, my brother (Brad) is my best friend, I have three brothers, I am the nursery director and Sunday schook teacher at Faith Bible Church, I have a minor phobia of honey, I'm an indecisive person, I believe you should live every day like someone forgot to close the gate, and finally, I love God.

I recently began working at the Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living as an Independent Living Skills Facilitator with a focus on assistive technology. When someone in the community wants to learn more about technology that is available to people with disabilities, I perform demonstrations, as well as any other research on AT that might be related and helpful. Starting in June, I will be leading a monthly class about different iPad apps for people with disabilities. I also facilitate several peer support groups. So far I love it, and I'm excited for the opportunity to help people reach their self-actualization and for the oportunity to learn more about life through this experience,

At the end of the day, I just try to be the best me I can be.