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Phebe Ortega


Name: Phebe Alyssa Miyasako-Gaspar Ortega

Birthday: October 17 1999 --Acting like a princess for 13 years--

Nationality: 70% Filipina 30% Japanese

Hometown: Philippines

Current City: Nakayama Town, Yokohama Japan

My parents were gifted by God with 2 children on which I am the eldest.

I am a:

1.) singer

2.) guitarist

3.) pianist

4.) full time student :)

5.) full time blogger

6.) photographer

7.) FASHION hyper :) :)

My favorite color is pink (It's not that obvious in my tumblr blog right?!) I

My favorite food... pizza and potato fries!

My favorite books are:

1.) Divergent (trilogy)

2.) Diary of a wimpy kid

3.) The hobbit

My favorite song... Do you really expect that I'll pick just one song?! :D :)

My fave instruments are piano and guitar of course!


To-do list (future):

1.) Travel around the world, especially Paris and spend the whole day in La Duree.

2.) Buy a house and car :)

3.) Make a room for SHOES and a room for bags! (just a dream)

Well, if someone is reading this ridiculous "BIO" THANK YOU and enjoy!

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    • Accelerated Christian Education