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Alyssa Clogstoun

Women are not always aware of every single thing in their body, especially when it comes to the unseen. At the beginning of conception, you don't automatically see the baby bump. You don't really notice it at first. Most of the time, the changes in their bodies are not yet obvious at the beginning of pregnancy.After missing a period, it may or may not mean that you're pregnant, especially if you have an irregular menstrual cycle. This part can be very nerve wracking if you're sexually active but don't want to get pregnant. Or if you've been trying to get pregnant and it just hasn't happened yet. But you don't have to wait for 4 months to confirm if you're pregnant. You can go to the doctor for a check-up or you can opt for a homemade pregnancy test.Maybe you're worried. Maybe you're scared. But these home pregnancy kits are very reliable. And no, they don't hurt and no, they are not expensive at all. All you have to do is to pee. Yup, that's right. And no, this is not a joke. Why pee? Because the woman's body develops certain hormones during pregnancy. The pregnancy test or the "pee stick" as some people would casually call it, detects this hormone.How to know if you are pregnant?There are actually 15 home remedies to determine pregnancy. Some of them change color when the hormone is present, some of these pregnancy sticks show lines or the plus or minus sign. It really depends on the brand on how they would reflect their results so make sure you read the instructions before taking the test. These tests are usually very simple and comprehensive so you don’t really need to be a registered nurse.The best time to take the test is during the morning. Make sure you follow the instructions so you don’t end up with an inaccurate result. Double check the expiration dates too as these may give you inaccurate results. False negative results are more common than false positive results. This can be caused by some proteins in your urine or maybe you’re taking some medications that may affect the results of your test. Some women take the test more than once at days or weeks interval just to make sure that they get the readings right. If you take the test too early on the pregnancy, thepregnancy test may give you the negative result.