Alyssa Cook

As a professional, I aspire to quality, creativity, and effectiveness in all of my work. I am educated and experienced in Advertising, Public Relations, Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Relationship and Client Management and Maintenance, and Promotional Communications. I am professionally trained in portrait photography and composition; and with my organizational skills, attention to detail, and energy, I would make an outstanding addition to any team. I learn very quickly, and I am already proficient in most Adobe Programs, including InDesign and Photoshop, as well as all Microsoft Office Applications, Mac and PC interfaces, Nikon and Canon camera systems, and AutoCAD. I am a very effective and deliberate communicator in person, on the phone, and through traditional and social media. I work well independently and with others, and I am always open to collaboration, suggestions, reworking of ideas, and constructive criticism. I pride myself on my personal strenth in the face of conflict or pressure, my ambition, drive, sense of humor, decisiveness, and adaptability. I am able to adjust quickly to a changing environment or creative direction, and consistently transition smoothly from one project to another, which helps those around me to do the same. These skills and qualities have served me well in my experiences as a student and as an employee, and I am confident that they enable me to play a solid role in keeping any company or product in demand. As a student at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, I moved through the various types of Communications until I finally found my niche in promotions. I have much to offer, and I am passionate about writing, research, trends, persuasion, creativity, and relationships. I believe that my wide range of skill sets, eclectic training, and unique experiences and interests make me a qualified candidate for any position. I believe that communication is a fundamental part of society's foundation, and it is clear that promotion revolutionizes communication on a regular basis. I seek a position that allows me to actively participate in this dynamic evironment. I am available for relocation or travel, as well as freelance and remote work.