alyssa corbin

I am 27 year old mom of a 9 year old tornado girl. (yea yea, you did the math and figured it out. It's no secret I had my DD when I had just turned 18 )

I am a single mom.
I am a single working mom. I am a Youth care worker, an addictions counselor, a non-practicing doula, a Norwex consultant.
I am addicted to essential oils. I love the idea of natural and healthy living but I'm still working on it.

I have a crude sense of humor.

I have ADHD and I'm not afraid to talk about it.

I work for a housing program for women with addictions, mental health and a history of homelessness. My job is tough at times, but I love it.

My daughter's name is Grace. She turned 9 this past October, she is incredibly funny and smart. Her interests include: Soccer, taekwon do, doing cartwheels, reading funny books, and most recently - politics.