Alyssa Curry

Wherever I need to be...

Alyssa Curry is the Award-winning author of Intuition, written with her mother, Marala Scott and the co-author of Living In The Black. Alyssa is a young woman illuminated by her passion for life. She is a recent college graduate in the field of Psychology. Alyssa is an Award-winning book cover designer, web designer and copyeditor that spends her free time engulfed in music.

Alyssa designed the book cover and copyedited The Fall, Allure of a Predator, Mortgage Secrets, Strategies, & Warnings, Intuition, This Is Why You’re Single, Living In The Black, The Covenant of Peace, Bad To The Bone, and Invisible Gi

  • Work
    • Seraph Books
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology