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alyssa ettinger

Brooklyn, New York

I am the originator of knitted porcelain surface trend that has become a design classic. People hire me because I've got a great eye and I know what people will like before they do. Having spent many years seeking out and sourcing innovative products to feature in top lifestyle magazines, I've got the tear sheets to prove it. I'm looking for a new direction in my career, for interesting projects that will use my unique skill set to satisfy even the most exacting client. If you’ve got a project to do, contact me, whether that project is fully thought out, in its initial stages, or in need of brainstorming, I've got the moxie to do it.

I am also a:

*Problem-solver: If you want to do a hassle-free redo of your office and spend less than $200, I'm your girl. You won’t even be stressed, Even if we go to that big, blue Swedish store. I promise. I have a knack for finding the exact gimcrack you're seeking, and for solving even the trickiest style puzzle.

*Accomplished Writer/Editor: I’ve contributed to numerous widely read consumer publications throughout my career. I also created a big book about eBay. Sadly, you can now buy it on eBay for 99 cents.

*Stylist: With hundreds of professional photo shoots behind me—from still life to interiors, including the images in my eBay book—that great eye I possess takes center stage.

The frosting on the cake: I can make your Pinterest boards as outstanding as my own. I served as a juror for the renowned Scholastic Art and Writing awards. Plus, did I mention I throw the best cocktail party this side of the Mississippi? You won’t be disappointed.