Alyssa Marie

I support the One to 1,000 Challenge 1000%!!! Some day, I want to work in a career that allows me to bring sustainable tools and resources to farmers just like the ones this project aims to help. However, sometimes it seems like there's nothing I can do NOW to make a difference...but there is! Projects like this allow us all to be active members of our global community and help to raise up those who need our help most. So, if you're one of my friends reading this or someone thinking of signing up, do it!

Sign up for the children who starve around the world. Give them a reason to smile and the energy to play.

Sign up for the parents who can't grow enough food to feed their children and must give them up for adoption. Keep families together.

Sign up for people who fight every day to stay alive. Together, we can lighten the burdens of those who struggle and empower them to thrive.

Sign up because these are people just like us, and they need our help.

#oneto1000 <3