Alyssa Martin

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I'm a copywriter + business storyteller for women entrepreneurs who desperately want the words on their website to both sound like their real, offline self and attract their dream clients without using sleazy sales tactics.

Through my practical blog posts and copywriting prowess, I'm here to give you the tools you need to take action + clearly tell the world why you’re different, better, and worth working with — so you can relax + focus on building your business.

I wrote my Effortless Copywriting Guide to help you clearly communicate your awesomeness across your entire website, so that your dream clients will be clear about it too + will leap at the chance to work with you. Get yours here.

And when I'm not writing, you can find me riding my (many) bike(s), indulging in far too much chocolate + taking selfies with my cat.

Meet me + get ready to see your copywriting in a whole new light at

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Commerce (Management)
    • Bachelor of Arts (English)