Allie Barnes

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with an international journalism degree, I got tired of seeing the world through books, essays and photographs. I yearned to see it myself, so I packed my bags and started exploring.

The outdoors insprire to me go farther, go harder and go thoughtfully. I love doing anything in nature, from hiking and camping to climbing. I love adventure sports, so (almost) everywhere I go, I concentrate on trying something new. I've gone paragliding in Chile, scuba diving in the Virgin Islands, skiing in the midwest of the United States, kiteboarding in Puerto Rico, snorkling with whale sharks in Mexico etc.

There are a million places I want to go, so I let the wind take me where ever it may. I get odd jobs to make money and try to understand the culture I'm presently in.

  • Education
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill