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Alyssa Abbott

Jones, OK

I'm Alyssa Abbott. I just turned 16 this week; and I cant wait to grow up. I play softball in the summer and fall at Jones High School. I attend church every Sunday and Wednesday at Jones Assembly of God, where my mom is the children's pastor, and my dad is a deacon. I spend my summers playing softball, going to church camps, and traveling. My family goes on at least 3 trips throughout the year, most often to Iowa. Last year we went on a family cruise to Peurto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Another favorite trip of mine was when our church went to Kentucky last summer. We competed in a Fine Arts entry on a state level, and scored high enough to compete nationally in Kentucky. The enviroment was life-changing, and it was incredible to have a chance to go. This summer, our church is going on our first missions trip to Colorado. I will be attending many camps this summer, and hopefully not too busy.

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