Alyssa Ramos

Fore score and...about two years ago, I came to visit a random guy in LA that I met a week before in Vegas where I was partying away my sorrows after my ex boyfriend in Palm Beach broke me up with my perfect, PGA Tour playing, Matthew McConaghay looking boyfriend while we were in the Hamptons, and quitting my perfect Corporate Philanthropy Coordinator job while throwing an event in New York because my old, bald, ugly, British supervisor tried to take credit.

Obviously I knew it was the safest or most rational way to take my mind off things, but I went anyway, and a weekend trip to escape my misfortunate events turned into "I went to LA to visit and decided to stay."

The guy that flew me out turned out to be a sociopath, a likely result of being a 32 year old failed actor, who was obsessed with the idea of dating a girl not from LA and thus hardly let me leave his apartment on Hollywood and Vine, but luckily I always happen to know the right people at the right times.

I recalled meeting a friends sister a month before in Florida who is an actress and lives in Studio City, and on a whim sent her a Facebook message (not thinking she'd reply or anything) telling her my sketchy situation and offering drinks if she ever had the time. To my surprise, and much appreciation she replied saying she'd let me know, then moments later, replied again but this time inviting me to a small get together at a very well known actor's house.

I went from expecting no response, to feeling like I was in a movie or on a show like 90210 in minutes, it was surreal. We got along great, and after accidentally smashing the sideview mirror off the guy's car he let me borrow and getting screamed at by him, my new friend offered me her guest room in Studio City.

At this point, I was still unsure what I was doing. I was having way too much fun attending red carpet events and parties with my friend. She's an angel for letting me stay with her for so long, but I knew I couldn't just live in her life for ever, so I decided to start looking for jobs, and told myself if I found one, I'd look for an apartment.

I applied for any job or gig that I could do from my computer. Although I studied biology, I felt like I was a good enough writer, and smart enough to do some relative freelance work. Then low and behold I stumbled across a posting that most people would dub extremely creepy, but I saw it as my ticket to living in Hollywood.