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Lyssa Jones


My name is Alyssa, or preferably, Lyssa. I'm in graduate school, in a cognitive psychology Ph.D. program, in Texas. My blog is my way of sorting through all the thoughts in my head that I don't have the time or audience to actually talk to about in person. I love having stimulating discussions about topics that most people don't think about during their daily lives, so blogging about my interests and ideas/thoughts is my way of filling that desire to have those type of conversations. Basically, my posts will be a vast range of different topics because sometimes I just need to get my thoughts out of my head or else I'll obsess over certain them. I've also found it calming to be able to write about something other than psychology and research for a change because I genuinely love to write.However, I did choose my site's title for a reason, and I will post a lot about my ideals in regards to life, as well as my overwhelming desire to travel and see the world. But, I will also be using it as a journal, using writing as a means to work through the fact that I feel like I am trying to fit into a society that I will never truly understand. Yet, I love psychology and love the idea of reaching my goals, so I have to figure out a way to be the person I am deep down while also meeting societal expectations.Feel free to give me feedback, follow, or contact me. I'd love to find people out there who understand my views, people I can connect with on a level that I can't with most people.