Osomatsu Matsuno

trash in the United States

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My name is Alyssa but I'd rather go by any of my kin names. If you don't feel comfortable calling me by my kin names that's ok.

My kins:

Osomatsu Matsuno

Akane Kurashiki

Lucas (mother 3)

Ibuki Mioda

Kazuichi Souda

Luna (Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward)

Mayu Suzumoto

John Egbert and Karkat Vantas

Lapis Lazuli

Marco Diaz


If you'd like to know where any of them are from then ask. Lucas and Luna are the only ones with a source since it's sorta hard to tell where they come from?? My main kins are Osomatsu, Akane, and Lucas so I would prefer to be called any of those. Or if your a good friend of mine your welcome to call me kanny or June. Please don't follow if you have any of the same kins. There are some exceptions so dm me if you'd like.

I am questioning yoosung from mystic messenger right now. It all depends on if a friend of mine kins as him. If they do I will gladly step down for them!! And kiyotaka ishimaru which I'll probably take down ahah,,

But most importantly please don't follow if you have anything against any of my friends or their friends. If you kin as any of their kins please make sure it's ok with me before you follow. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable knowing that someone has the same kin as them and they're following me.

My friends are:

Syd: Told, Sonia Nevermind, Chihiro Fujisaki, Todomatsu Matsuno, Eren Jaeger, and D.va

Kit: Tom, Ichimatsu Matsuno, Jake English, Hawkeye, King, Mei, and Steven Universe

Maddie: Hei, Gamzee, and JD

Sujae: Ayumi Shinozaki, Marinette Dupain-cheng, and Touko Fukawa

Jareth: Rufioh, Spain, Debra Morgan, Stan Marsh, and V

Clover: Yang Xiao Long and Clover

Obviously some of them have more kins then this. If youd like to know where any are from please ask. I do have other friends as well so keep in mind others will have other kins too not just the ones above. These are the people who are closest to me so that is why they are listed. Sorry if you werent mentioned above. Anyways there is no specific order and I love them all very much!! You mess with them then your messing with me! They mean the world to me and I love them with all my heart. Again please don't follow if you have a problem with any of the above people!

If you want to contact me on anything other then instagram dm me. If you want my line, iMessage, snapchat, kik, etc just ask. Link to my Instagram is above.

If you want to follow me please dm me a picture of Osomatsu and any of his brothers and/or totoko