Actor in Los Angeles, California

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I was raised in a little town in Southern California called Hemet. Most people have never heard of Hemet but for the few that do, they know that it mostly consists of dairy farms and retirement homes. In fact my grandpa used to own his own dairy farm. My parents provided us kids with a nice suburban home away from the farm. My dad is a welder and my mom owns her own small business.

I was raised with two brothers and a sister. We did what kids do, played outside with the neighbor kids making up our own games. Our parents made sure we were in church every Sunday which is where I got my acting bug. Church is where I started doing plays and even did some puppetry. Then I started doing the newscast at my Elementary School. By the time Middle School hit, I was writing, directing, starring in, and editing (via windows movie maker) my own movies and recruiting my siblings and the neighbor kids to be in them. Once High School hit I stopped creating my own content but was in every main stage production at West Valley High.

After High School I kept involved in Theatre and knew that acting was what I wanted to do. I went to a junior college and got my AA and then transferred to Cal State Northridge where I obtained my BA in Theatre. I am still taking various classes trying to hone my skill and always striving to get better. I am currently taking classes at the Howard Fine Studio.

I love theatre and I always will but out here in LA I want to dabble in every entertainment art form I can. As of now I want to get back to what I had done early on and create my own content. I have a web series in the works and will be glad to share about it when it is finished. Overall I want to create stories for people to entertain, inspire, and get them out of their day to day lives at least for a little while. I want to have fun and enjoy what I do for a living and be as creative and imaginative as I was a kid.