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Alyssa Terrobias

Let's keep things going and I'm doing it leyka sir, uhh like a lady? =))

I am biologically programmed to be sooo hyper =)) LOL

I am me so I'm doing things to keep me more ME

I have a simple life yet it's kinda complicated but I don't really bother at all coz what I'm up to are great things and happiness :))

A person like me knows what my limitations are. I have my family to guide me as I walk through my path. I live with my mother's side-family and I'm so much greatful to have them.

One thing's on my mind: Reach my ULTIMATE GOALS(Yeah PLURAL with -S) and make 'em PROUD

I have so much things to regret but life goes on. There's no time for me to look back. There's so much time for me to build my wonderful future.

I am a big fan of GOD! :) I fear HIM the most

I adore my family <3

I love my friends.

I forgive my enemies.

I embrace the WORLD for my heart belongs here <3