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Female. Midwest.

God. Family. Cats. Photography. Act. Sing.
Drive. Dance. Movies. Travel. Walks. France.

Joyful. Comedienne. Advice. Dogmatic. Witty.
Brash. Friendly. Selective Extrovert. Curious.
Grateful. Free Spirit. Modest. Free. Intriguing.
Mindful. Ambitious. Trustworthy. Saved by grace.

Work? Insurance. I thankful to have a job I love.

I can't blog or budget if my life depended on it.
I think my little sister is the coolest person I know.
I haven't lived a perfect life, and it won't ever be that way,
but I relish success and learn from failures.

I am a great example of a human being,
not an example of a great human being.

I'm happy to be young,
but I'm thrilled about growing old.

This is nothing more than Me, and I love it.