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Alyssa Lee

I love everything. No really.

Science: I'm a pharmacy student in a big city. I love to learn, and I love the satisfaction of hard work paying off. Hey, being a nerd is the new thing.

Fashion: Not only because I'm a shopping addict, but also because it's fun putting outfits together, and I love the confidence they give you when you know you're lookin good!

Beauty: It's not just what's on the the outside...but I do love experimenting with makeup! And trying new hairstyles too!

Food: Okay, I love to eat, but I also love being in the kitchen, trying new recipes and baking up a sugar heaven! Yummm

Nature: From galaxies in outer space to the vast fields of flowers on earth, I love being around nature and its beauty. Sometimes it's all you need to find peace and happiness.