Ama Dwimoh

New York, New York

Ama Dwimoh served as an Executive Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, New York, until 2011. Throughout her years of service, she devoted special care and attention to the needs of youngsters in New York City. To this end, she created the Crimes Against Children Bureau and acted as its Chief. Her motivation and dedication to the cause resulted in favorable resolutions in many high-profile cases and spurred reform of the city's child welfare system. Some of the projects that she developed include Baby Safe Haven, Project S.A.F.E., and Brooklyn Child Watch. Ama Dwimoh is also often asked to speak on the topic of child abuse and prevention.

At the bureau, Ama Dwimoh led a team of 20 members, as well as directing daily operations. Her experience dealing with crimes against children meant that she frequently served as a lead prosecutor in difficult cases in this field. She demonstrated great skill in the courtroom, understanding the emotions and suffering often associated with crimes of this nature. Her expertise covers areas such as prepping and interviewing victims, advocacy, legal research, trial preparation, and interrogation of defendants. In court, Ama Dwimoh pursued accused child predators with vigor and passion.

Ama Dwimoh also emerged as a leader at the Kings County District Attorney's Office. Due to the nature of the crimes that she and her team regularly pursued, it was critical for her to maintain a focused and stable approach. Her duties included keeping her teammates on task and helping them deal with the psychological toll that such cases may inflict. Thanks to Ama Dwimoh's efforts, many child molesters have been removed from the streets, and thanks to her advocacy, the population at large is more aware of child abuse in society and what can be done to prevent it.