American Marketing Association InlandEmpire

Inland Empire

American Marketing Association InlandEmpire

Inland Empire

The American Marketing Association-Inland Empire provides valuable opportunities to connect with Marketing and Business Professionals throughout the Inland Empire and beyond. Meet people who are a driving force in the IE economy and who care about making a difference in their community and their profession.

#An American Marketing Association membership provides access to a worldwide professional group that brings together individuals and organization with a common purpose to teach and develop expert marketing practices.

#Luncheons, Events and Conferences give you the chance to interact with the best and brightest Marketing Professionals in the Inland Empire. You will also have access to national conferences that will continue to help you develop in your career. As an AMA memeber, you enjoy preferred registration, providing you with significantly lower rates than non-members

#Luncheons third Thursday of every month#

Some other benefits of AMA:

*Career Management

*AMA Job board

*Volunteer and board positions available

*Face-to-Face learning programs

*Access to

#Feel free to contact us for any information.