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Amaal Mustafa

Seattle, Wa.

I took my first picture when I was kid. A few years later I made my first short film. Many short films later, I started to study the instituion of cinema, from both a creative and business perspective at New York University. Where is cinema as an art form headed? What direction is the business of film taking? I have been exploring these questions in the Tisch School of Arts while also allowing to let the kid in me have fun with a camera.

I am an avid Seattle Seahawks fan, and I love basketball as well (Bring the Sonics Back!). After the 2014 World Cup, I realized it's time to start watching soccer. In addition to sports, I enjoy photography, exploration, snowboarding/longboarding, watching good movies, fashion at times, puppies, pizza, long walks on the beach... What is this.

  • Education
    • New York University Tisch School of the Arts