Amaan Tareen

Photographer, Writer, and Public Speaker in Islamabad, Pakistan

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About Amaan Tareen:

Academic and Professional Background:

Amaan is a Business Graduate from Islamabad. He has worked as a Media and Marketing Consultant on diverse ventures for various organizations in Pakistan.

He wrote columns for “Student’s Magazine” in year 2001 providing academic counseling to the students. His columns provided valuable advice to the students especially who aimed to study abroad.

He has managed campaign/projects with the youth organizations in various cities of Pakistan. The focus of such campaigns/projects was on the ideology of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Professional Background:

Amaan is the Chief Executive Officer at Aye Tee Concepts.

Amaan is a Founder of Citizen Awareness Program - a Non-Profit Organization Initiative.

* He remained affiliated with Pakistan First Group as a Director - Media and Public Relations.

* He wrote articles for; Diffusion-A music Magazine.

* He interacts with youth via social networks where he feels our Youth spends much time. He believes such platforms are the best avenues in today’s world to exchange different opinions/information and get to know their perception and how they see today’s world.

* He was Associated with NPO and NGOs to raise charity funds for the victims.

* He was a Freelance Director for different Private Channels in Pakistan

* He spread awareness among young readers by writing articles on various websites and blogs. The articles entail intriguing issues pertaining to current affairs, social and political issues in Pakistan.

“There can be always one point of view out of two possible options. Difference between words and actions can lead you towards the destruction. Choose One and be the One! – Amaan Tareen “

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