Amabile Awesome

I am a girly tom boy. I love fashion, I love bike riding, I love snowboarding. My sense of style, tattoos and crazy hair steaz are things you'll notice about me first. I DJ, style fashion shows and friends closets, throw dinner parties and fold origami for fun. I am happy, healthy and active. I am hardworking, positive and I get along with everybody. A guys gal and a gals pal!

I've been working with and loving clothing for the majority of my career through various outlets. I have a passion for brand presentation and a career history to back it up. I come with a global perspective and innovative ideas to communicate a brands message from the designer to the consumer. I am an effective, flexible lady that can make things happen. My mind is analytical and my nature is creativity.

Fun facts about me: I collect one piece jumpsuits. My coffee name is Shirley.