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Domestic engineer, household CEO in Oviedo, Florida

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Hello it's me. Momma. Angela. Mostly Momma these days. Welcome to my blog. I started this blog a year ago, mainly to document the things I have created, but more importantly, I get ideas and read tons of tutorials on "diy" and "how to...". So like you I wanted to share my ideas, experiences, & how to's. My blog is called the Chameleon Diaries because it is my online diary so to speak. The name Chameleon represents me. I have experienced life like some, but not like most. The past 9 years I have lived in 4 completely different cities. With each move I have to break out of my comfort zone & adapt to new jobs, people, & lifestyle, in nut shell I have grown more than I ever thought possible. In the end it was totally worth it, because I met my husband who without him none of this would be possible. We have an adventurous, very active toddler, 2 pitbulls, 2 cats and as of this past year have finally dropped the anchor and bought our first home.

Since becoming a stay at home Mom my creative wheels are in constant motion. One because my busy toddler is changing rapidly, every couple months we are in a new stage. From crawling to walking, running, now crayoning, painting, dancing etc. Which leads to our space is changing rapidly with each stage of her growth and development. Number two, being at home a lot more, gets my creative side flowing. I'm always up-cycleing hacking, restoreing and/or reinventing different pieces of furniture. This includes pieces we already own or thrifting unique vintage items. Of course I love Pottery barn, West Elm, & Restoration Hardware but the price tag often holds me back. I believe that you don't need to spend a lot in order to achieve your end result. In some of my posts I have gotten my inspiration from one or all of these stores, and spent a fraction of the price. Also it's mine, it means much more than just purchasing the expensive nightstands, or hand painted rustic dresser. I usually put in some sweat, tears most of the time no blood, mainly a few long nights (I can say that the majority of my projects start at my babes bedtime and can go late into the night).

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