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There are many agencies that provide information regarding the areas in Greenland. Some of them have agents resident in the area and a few others have them located from town. Most of the agencies have good relations with high-end resorts and hotels. The brokers also keep you updated regarding cancellations and delays so as to make certain that you don't overlook the opportunity to enjoy your own Greenland tours.

When you're planning your tour, try to go for a bundle deal. Most of these packages include airfare, lodging, travel insurance and guides. You will also be provided with advice about the best way to plan your trip and what things to take care of while you're on the ice. You may get in touch with them directly and request for more information.

There are lots of organizations that provide assistance to individuals planning their Greenland tours. These agencies offer advice and information on almost any subject relating to tourism. These include accommodation alternatives, transport, food and other things associated with tourism. They can also organize a Greenland tour to you, based upon your requirements. These agencies usually have experts who are fluent in English, to help you with your questions and queries.

These agencies offer information on the areas where you can go to and explore on your own excursion. These include Dovre, Katrineq, South Greenland, Iona, audience, Franz Josef Land and Greenland. You can get all this info and much more from the websites. You can also get in depth information about the hotel or cottage you'd be staying in, costs, maps, etc.. Their intention is to create your Greenland tour an enjoyable experience for you. Most of the tour packages include accommodation in comfortable hotels.