Amad Bin Mumtaz

Software Engineer in Karachi, Pakistan

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Project Researches :

 Research on “Operating System Schedulers” for the course of Operating System.

 Research on “Genetics and Mutation” for the course of Artificial Intelligence.

 Research on “Image Processing” for the course of Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision.

 Research on “Routing Protocols” for the course of Design and Analysis of Algorithm.


 Automated Traffic Sign Recognition for Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision using MATLAB.

 Client Server File Sharing for the course of Parallel Computing using Java.

 Gesture Based Computer Control as FYP.

 Stenography (Data Encryption Technique)for the course of Multimedia Systems.


 Inventory Management System to manage inventory records and sales.

 Warehouse Stock Manager with POS an advance stock and inventory management website with Point Of Sale.

 Payroll Management System a desktop application to manage organization records, details and employee payroll.

 Courier Dispatch Record Website a website for a reputed courier service to manage their daily and extensive records.


 Integrated Calculator using Turbo C.

 Company Portfolio using C# and SQL.

 Digital Clock for Digital Logic Design, Hardware Implementation.

 Student Management System for Database Management System using PHP and MySQL.

 2D Maze Game for Computer Graphics using C++.

 O.S Schedulers for the course of Operating System using C#.

 Compiler for the course of Compiler Construction using C#.

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