Amadeu Barbosa

Whilst most people say you can't make every customer happy, they can't stop you from trying. At Holiday extras, I help to deliver hassle free experience to all travellers, help with extra work for different departments and try to create enthusiasm within anyone I meet!

Overall Holiday Extras is a amazing place to work in, so much so that after work I still have enthusiasm to burn off! I do Jiu Jitsu when I can, run and recently cycling! I also try keeping my mind active, dabbling in chess, debating philosophy, politics, and, ethics with friends as well as reading.

I've had amazing travel experiences, cockroach infested hotels in the Amazon which seemed like a palace fit for a King at the time, to feeding caymans with piranhas freshly fished from the banks of the rio negro in the Pantanal! I'm passionate about travel, I deal with various individual clients and being a traveller myself I'm always open to help where I can! Whether it's discussing travel news or help picking out airport parking, hotels and lounges, anyone more than welcome to drop me an email!

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