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Amadeüs Johannis

6-7-14 cupCake, Bandtravel, OOSTERHOUT

1-8-14 cupCake, Anno 1610 Jamspot, WILLEMSTAD

9-8-14 [canceled] cupCake, Salerno, OOSTERHOUT

16-8-14 Mae Uku Big Band, Midzomerfeest, SOUBURG

23-8-14 Halmaheraband, [closed party]

4-10-14 cupCake, Salerno, OOSTERHOUT


13-6-14 Independent, The Silent Gray Fellows. ULICOTEN

1-6-14 Jason de Laat, Rode Pimpernel S-HERTOGENBOSCH

31-5-14 Halmaheraband, UDEN

25-5-14 Jason De Laat (Dishking), Bourbonstreet, BREDA

24-5-14 cupCake, Hoxemacoa Finals, LOPIK

6-6-14 [canceled] cupCake, Anno 1610 Jamspot, WILLEMSTAD

11-5-14 cupCake, Creme coffee and pastry, S-HERTOGENBOSCH

4-5-14 Just Play, Bourbonstreet, BREDA

26-4-14 Talendband, Heuvel, OOSTERHOUT

18-4-14 cupCake, Hoxemacoa, LOPIK

13-4-14 cupCake, Kwallenballen, DOMMELEN

12-4-14 cupCake, Fantast, VALKENSWAARD

28-3-14 Talentband, Outflow, OOSTERHOUT

26-2-14 Assadata Dafora, ROC, TILBURG

17-1-14 Rank And File, Speeltuin, BREDA

11-1-14 Rank And File, Fantast, VALKENSWAARD

5-1-14 Talendband, Pannehoef, OOSTERHOUT