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Amadeus Mozart

I'm Amadeus Mozart, strange name you may ask, but in 1986 I use to work for MIND (National Association For Mental Health) and myself and a friend changed our names by Deed Poll to raise money for this charity. There we go that's cleared that up, I'm 46 years old but some people say I only look 44, I have had a wide and varied career, but I'm mainly known for giving birth to a hard house brand called Tidy in 1995. Since then I have been lucky enough to travel the world as a DJ/Producer under the name Tidy Boys and also become Creative Director and Graphic Designer for various tech & entertainment companies. On June 1st I became the co-founder and owner of a new Creative Agency called Square Daisy.

Now the important stuff:

My favourite TV programme is The Sweeney.

I love Apple products and design.

I have never been to the top of a lighthouse.