Amadi Aec Lovelace

Pittsburgh, PA

You're here because you looked at my Twitter profile, unless you randomly just plug names into which, you know, do your thing.

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Things to Know About My Twitter:

I am sarcastic, snarky, like swear words, am mercurial and live to code-switch My timeline is fast-paced like my brain. It's not for everyone. That's fine.

I am Black, a Jew, queer, genderqueer (gender: femme, not female, pronouns she/her anyway), fat and disabled.

My timeline will always be pro-Black, pro-Jew, pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-body acceptance, pro-PWD, pro-choice, pro-poor people and pro-woman and you will deal, or you can exit.

Bigots in my mentions will be treated to dressing down, telling off, cussing out, public mockery and blocking as I see fit.

My Twitter timeline also has a blanket trigger warning that I might mention sensitive topics in a general (non-graphic) way. Any explicit links will be warned. I do not share sensitive or explicit images.

Criticism is criticism. That's all. If you'rewondering if I'm mad at you, I'm not.

If I am tweeting about a public figure and do not @ mention them in my tweet, do NOT @ them in response. If I want to talk to a public figure/celebrity I am as aware of how to do so as you are. If I haven't included them, there's a reason for that. Violators will be instantly blocked.

I am, for as long as it exists, a blocker for the A+ Blockbot. Friends (i.e. mutual follows) may request that I assess accounts for blocking, but I may or may not add those accounts, depending on my level of energy or time. I also have a BlockTogether list that you can subscribe to ( Allow my experience of swatting the annoying flies of Twitter to help keep your mentions free of infestation. :)

Got questions? Ask, don't assume.