Amadi Aec Lovelace

Thinker and Provocateur in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Since you're here from my Twitter or Tinyletter, if my offerings have been entertaining, educating or otherwise enriching to you, my tipbox is and it is always open. I also have an Amazon wishlist at — I survive on disability payments and have a ton of medical debt, so every penny counts.

You should know:

I am sarcastic, snarky, and sweary, mercurial and live to code-switch, extemporize and occasionally hold court with a lecture. My Twitter timeline is fast-paced like my brain and twice as random. It's not for everyone. That's fine.

I am Black, a Jew, queer, genderqueer (pronouns she/her anyway), fat and disabled. I am committed to justice and the liberation of all oppressed people. My timeline will always be pro-Black, pro-Jew, pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-body acceptance, pro-disabled, pro-reproductive justice, pro-poor people and pro-woman and you will deal, or you can exit.

Bigots in my mentions will be treated to dressing down, telling off, cussing out, public mockery and blocking as I see fit.

My Twitter timeline also has a blanket trigger warning that I might mention sensitive topics in a general (non-graphic) way. Any explicit links will be warned. I do not share sensitive or explicit images.

Criticism is criticism. That's all. If you're wondering if I'm mad at you, I'm not.

If I am tweeting about a public figure and do not @ mention them in my tweet, do NOT @ them in response. If I want to talk to a public figure/celebrity I am as aware of how to do so as you are. If I haven't included them, there's a reason for that. Violators will be instantly blocked.

I have a 200,000+ account deep BlockTogether list that you can subscribe to at that’s a who's who of alt-right, gam*rgat*rs, neo nazi, self-proclaimed deplorable, misogynist, sexist horrors that you'd never miss, I assure you.

Typos and oddities of language in my tweets, especially in longer tweet threads, are very likely an artifact of speech to text on my phone. Arthritis in my hands means that typing isn’t alway