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Amado Pichel

Medley, FL

A technology executive for more than a decade, Amado Pichel oversees all activities related to the technical infrastructure at TracFone Wireless, Inc. To confirm that service-level agreement benchmarks are met, he and his team closely monitor the system’s current capacity. At the same time, Amado Pichel continually assesses network capacity to ensure it can support company-wide applications. Much of his work involves documenting operational procedures, maintaining critical inventory, and forecasting future growth.

As Assistant Vice President, Mr. Pichel plays a key role in infrastructure planning. He not only forecasts future demand on the enterprise’s architecture, but he also budgets for additional resources that may be required to expand the system.

A well-rounded individual, Amado Pichel brings a diverse set of skills to his current position. He has experience in aviation and power technologies, data center management, and operating systems such as UNIX and LINUX. He also is knowledgeable in the design and architecture required for high-capacity transaction throughput.

  • Work
    • Tracefone Wireless
  • Education
    • George T Baker Aviation