DJ Magnificent


It all started as just a hobby where he would make mixes to listen to in his car. It wasn't until his music started to reach the ears of others with car rides, did DJ Magnificent began to take his craft seriously. DJ Magnificent is a strong lover of music fueled by playing the drums for church. Every time he spins, he has only one goal in mind---to influence the lives of others through his musical talents and ensure that they have a good time. By having a diverse music library DJing became more than just a hobby.

All the music he spins in clubs are indeed on his IPOD. Although DJ Magnificent loves what he does, it would not be possible without the encouragement of his mentor DJBANDCAMP who is currently rocking the state of Ohio through his music talents! DJBANDCAMP influenced Magnificent to "be better than good enough". His first first gig was at a twenty-first birthday party in early 2011. Since then, he has hosted private events and parties at various club and educational venues.

DJ Magnificent would like to send special thanks to his family, DJBANDCAMP, the c0olpeople,DBE, Aaron and Andre Eanes, Wally Vega, Brittnay Cummings and YOU the fans ----without you I am nothing.Without a dream and motivators none of this would have been possible.This is only the beginning for DJ Magnificent. The best is yet to come!