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Amaka .R. Elochukwu

Nurse, Midwife, and Writer in Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

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Amaka .R. Elochukwu is a Nigerian registered Nurse, registered Midwife and registered Public Health Nurse. She had her Primary School Education at W.T.C. Primary School, Secondary School Education at Metropolitan Girls' Secondary School and Lady Ibiam Memorial Ecumenical Girls Secondary School all in Enugu State, Nigeria and was the Schools Sanitary Prefect and subsequently Senior Prefect. She has diploma in general Nursing from School of Nursing University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu in Enugu State,after which she proceeded to School of Midwifery Iyi-Enu Mission Hospital Ogidi in Anambra State all in Nigeria for a post basic diploma in Midwifery and was among the best graduating students in her set, quest for knowledge led to her desire to further her education and obtain a bachelor's degree in Nursing Science from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu Campus.

She has been in practice since 1st of February 2008, has attended to over fifty births, abnormal cases inclusive,she likes working in rural areas, assisting pregnant and labouring women during pregnancy and delivery,she has a passion for Midwifery because she believes no woman should die giving birth to life and no child deserves to grow up to be told his/her mother died giving birth to him/her. She earnestly look forward to seeing a day maternal, neonatal, infant and child morbidity and mortality will be a history .

She is an individual with a cheerful disposition with the sole aim of adding to the provision of quality services in whichever institution she finds herself.

She is everything packed into one, a writer, researcher, orator, an avid reader, has interest in fashion, cosmetics, makeup artistry and a spot for cartoons and animation movies

Her specialties include but not limited to Hospital management and administration, immunization, male circumcision, ear piercing, removal of tongue tie, vaginal delivery, sexual and reproductive health services, family planning services, sterilization, infection control,wound management, public health, operating theatre techniques, assists in laparoscopy procedure, hysteroscopy procedure, intrauterine insemination, and assisted reproduction etc

  • Education
    • University of Nigeria, Nsukka