Amaka Okoronkwo

Boston, MA

Nigerian born and raised.  In the United States, I call Baltimore home.  Currently reside in Boston. I am an accounting graduate turned start up enthusiast. 

I am a soldier in the U.S army and have a keen interest in making a difference in other peoples lives.  I am currently enrolled in the sales and business development track at the Boston Startup School an offspring of techstars Boston where I will be learning to execute in any startup environment. 

I enjoy meeting interesting people of all walks of life. I am intelligent, ambitious, reliable, a team player and have a track record of on time deliverance. I enjoy working with people who are exceptional in what they do, and have a go getter mindset. I believe in taking calculated risks.

I am fun,outgoing,and self motiivated. In my spare time, I participate in volunteer projects. I enjoy people watching, a good meal, and wacky individuals.