Amal Dave

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm going into my 3rd year in Space Engineering. I love reading books and binging on TV shows and I love discussing about them later on. A few of my favourite shows are Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Arrow.

Some of my favorite authors are Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown, Jefferey Archer and Christopher Paolini.

My favourite subject is Calculus, and I love to play Chess!

I am the Social Director for our Student Government as Lassonde School of Engineering and my job is to create and plan out events where everyone gets to release their stress and have fun. Also a member of an initiative called Raise Your Voice, where students get to share their issues related to school and we work on solving them.

I came to know about entrepreneurship through my friends who got the chance to get the Technion experience last year. After attending a few workshops in it and talking with people who has started their own business, I realized it might be something I might be interested in pursuing.

The idea of having one's own business while combining the Engineering and business skills sounds amazing and I would definitely like to know more about it through this trip.

I love travelling to new places and learning about their cultures. My favorite place to hangout will be at the beach.

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    • York University