Amala Redd

New York, NY

I am a proficient multi-platform creative thinker and writer with 10+ years executive operational experience and proven track record in the luxury market share, and television environment, specializing in visual execution, media planning, market trends, and creative development. I'm also the Managing Director of BLU Development, aka RedD@BLU.

After a life of production work in my twenties, I transitioned to real estate when the world stopped in September 2001. Achieving a license in a week, I then went to the library where wrote a proposal. Four months later, I became the Senior Director of Development Marketing at Halstead Property and, as a result, elevated the company brand, collateral, renderings, and preplanning execution.

For a short while, when the Real Estate market tumbled in New York, I launched RedD, a creative and marketing culsultancy, where I wrote and produced "Culture List" for Centric TV (BET Networks), the result of a pilot developed in 2009 and also acted as a marketing consultant to developers in NY.

Today, as a marketing and sales guru In the Real Estate Development environmentand simply apply the same approach as I do when creating television: why would someone want it? Why would they buy or stay tuned. Whats exciting, however, is that this time around, I'm creating a company within a company. RedD@BLU is formed out of ten years of sucess and friendship with five men I genuinely adore. It is a pronouncement of their admiration of my ability and a platform like none other I could have dreamt.

2015 is panning out to be pretty great so far...