Amal Abdelsalam M. Halaby

I am a Research Assistant at the Center of Informatics Sciences (CIS), Nile University, where I am currently working on Social Media Sentiment Analysis system for Arabic colloqiual language. Also I earned a scholarship from Nile University to pursue masters studies in the field of Text Mining.

Prior joining Nile University I was working as Research Software Development Engineer (RSDE) at Kngine, a startup building Question Answering system powered by a hybrid approach that utilizes the efficiency of both the knowledge-based and the statistical approaches.

In Kngine I was a member of the team responsible for the development of the Statistical Question Answering engine, where I worked on different interesting topics like: Co-reference Resolution, and Query Formulation. Also, I was involved in the development of Kngine's Information Retrieval system, where I gain a valuable experince with Indexing, and the MapReduce programming model.

My current research focus mainly on the unsupervised features learning from text.

  • Work
    • Nile University
  • Education
    • B.Sc. Computer Science, Helwan University, Egypt
    • M.Sc. Communication and Information Technology, Nile University, Egypt