Amalgama Dance Company

Lisbon and Mafra, Portugal

Amalgama Dance Company begins its work in the year 2000 aiming to develop, promote and decentralize dance, along with other art forms such as music, text, video and plastic arts. Its creative project takes form as a dance company – Amalgama Dance Company, for art experimentation and performances, to design a new methodological approach in dance studies and learning for a holistic and universalizing view, to raise public awareness about the human reality.

This methodology designated by “Dança Movimento Amalgama” was born and it evolved in Alma Arts Centre, one of Amalgama's Centres in Lisbon (urban area) and also Mahara Arts Centre, in Mafra (rural area), to spread the methodological approach within social, cultural and therapeutical context and explore alternative paths for human development.

Relying on multidisciplinary creations, in places imbued with historical-cultural and architectural landmarks, and archetypal forces of living nature, Amalgama’s workshops and classes are, in their plea, directly inspired by the line of Enabled Dance (concept of dance led to the whole community in general, with or without special needs). This is a work base kept on continuous demand and evolution of processes, open to other teaching currents, principles and languages, which can be complementary.

  • Work
    • Performative Arts
  • Education
    • dance
    • music
    • holistic education
    • plastic arts